How to Torrent anonymously

How to Torrent anonymously?
How to Torrent anonymously?

Torrent anonymity keeps your interaction with the torrent completely hidden. All of your data about what sites you visit, how long you stay there, and what files you download from them are fully encrypted. This article will show you a few ways to use torrent anonymously.

Why would you want to download torrents anonymously?

There are many reasons why you have to encrypt your IP address. We describe some of them below:
• Legal issues – of course, this largely depends on the country and its laws, but in some cases, you may encounter serious problems from downloading torrents. U.S. residents are at risk and could receive DMCA notices, face huge fines in court, or even go to jail if they get caught downloading torrents;
• Copyright trolling-the way these trolls work is that individuals or organizations collect data about users who download certain torrents and send it to law firms who own the information. In the end, you can be sued for copyright infringement;
• Loss of privacy – Every time you download a torrent, the rest of your peers may see your real IP, most users will just pass it by, but you should keep in mind that it can be used to find out all of your confidential information. There is no way cybercriminals will miss this opportunity to attack you and your PC;
• Penalties from the ISP – ISPs do not approve of the fact that you put them at risk legally or for other not more important reasons. That’s why they may send you threatening text messages, sue you at a lawyer’s office, terminate your contract, or begin to monitor your bandwidth, which will also reduce your Internet speed.

Top three ways to torrent anonymously

Below we will explain in detail how to torrent anonymously and provide you with the three most effective ways to do it.
Use Anomos
In simpler terms, it is a torrent client that uses end-to-end encryption. Many people may think it’s hard to use, but it’s a lot easier than it looks. The program’s interface is intuitive and it’s also free. However, because of this, there is a minus: the program does not provide constant technical support and sometimes it can be slow.
Using Seedbox
This is a remote server that helps you upload and download torrents from torrent trackers. Usually, it is a virtual private server located in data centers. This server provides fast downloads and reliable bandwidth. It works in two ways:
1. It completely hides your IP address from other users and most importantly from your ISP so they cannot detect your activity
2. Seedbox uses HTTPS encryption so nobody can monitor your traffic. Price can be from 5 to 50 dollars per month depending on what server and with what functionality you use
Use a VPN Service
This is a fairly popular device that securely encrypts your traffic. Because it hides your IP address, no other user will be able to see it when downloading a torrent. Thus, you reduce the likelihood of a cyber-attack or complaint from your ISP to zero.