Ideals has the world’s most comprehensive data room

The iDeals virtual room is a real treasure in the world of information technology. Thanks to this, you can easily operate with any data about your company, its employees, and customers. In this article, you will learn about all the benefits of this virtual data room.

User Trust

The first thing to start with is people’s love. The iDeals service has long been a quality standard for many companies. The numbers speak for themselves: in the program’s history, more than 120,000 companies or more than 700,000 experts in various industries have used the program. And that’s just from 2008!

Ease of setup

To start working with a virtual data room, you need to log in to the site, make a few clicks and create a new project. This is all done intuitively so that you can save on the administrator for the virtual data room.

Security of the highest level

iDeals is proud of its security systems, including virtual and physical data protection. Security measures include data encryption techniques that are designed to mask data, as well as double authentication. Someone else can’t use the virtual data room instead of the user.

Ability to customize design

If you want your virtual data room to look like your office, you can add your business lighting scheme and company logos here. All this is to ensure that each employee feels close to the brand.

You can exchange messages within the service

iDeals has a special tool for sending messages. Therefore, employees do not need to correspond in a general chat or call other departments to get this or that information.

Report on all user activities

This is another way to secure data – the program closely monitors every step of each employee in the virtual data room. For example, you can see who logged into VDR, who viewed certain files, who edited them, what edits were made, and any other information.

Automatic notifications

The program can set up notifications that will remind you of important events. For example, if you need to send a report on Monday at 10 am, the program will remind you on Friday evening and Monday at 9:50.


You can contact iDeals employees at any time of the day or night if you have any difficulties in working with the program or have questions.

Trial period

You can try this program completely free for 30 days. Usually, this period is enough to form your opinion about the application. Most users, after the demo, switch to a paid subscription, although this is unnecessary.

Many other benefits

This data room has three pricing plans for companies of various sizes, amazing functionality, and many positive reviews. This is the best selection of data rooms for France and also in many other countries.

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