Witcher 3 Wandering In The Dark: A Brief Guide

Witcher 3 Wandering In The Dark: A Brief Guide

If you are a fan of Witcher, you are probably happy to have an opportunity to enjoy Witcher 3: Wandering in the Dark. While it is a cool game that has already won the hearts of millions, some quests there are quite difficult.

Today, we have decided to make the lives of all gamers easier. Check our Witcher 3 Wandering in the Dark guide to enjoy your favorite story to the fullest.

What is Witcher 3 Wandering in the Dark?

If you love Witcher, you have already known everything about this game. And if you are not familiar with it on a high level, we are here to help.

Wandering in the Dark is a challenging mission that begins right after you discover Keira Metz. You have the opportunity to spot her a bit earlier during the Hunting a Witch mission that is happening near Midcopse. When it comes to Wandering in the Dark, the events occur near the village of Byways.

A brief guide to complete the quest

As we already mentioned, it is time-consuming and difficult, especially if you aren’t an experienced player. However, with this instruction, the process will be easier. Here is what you need to do.

  • When you come to the right place, you need to prepare and meditate. This will allow you to get all health back. We advise you to obtain Swallow and Cat potions as they are super beneficial when it comes to health and the ability to see in the dark. If you lack these potions, you should stock enough food and a torch.
  • The Wild Hunt is also in the game, searching for Ciri. Keira attempts to transport you both automatically, but something weird happens.
  • If you decide to track her and go into the portal, you will end up in another location with Drowners. You must beat them and come back to the main location. If you ignore the porta, it will disappear.
  • You have no choice but to fight the Drowners, then hunt Keira. Exploit your Witcher Sense to locate where she is. Actually, it isn’t far from you.
  • On the opposite side of the portal, you will find Golem.
  • In fact, this monster isn’t a strong rival, so you with Keira will beat him easily.
  • You will need to use a Thunderbolt potion as it will help you during the battle.
  • Then, you’ll arrive at another place with a swallow sign. You need to activate it as soon as possible to open another portal.
  • Before continuing your journey, meditate to get your health back.

The quest includes numerous stages, so you need to follow the instructions on the screen. Trust your gut and you’ll overcome everything on your way.

Final thoughts

When you finally leave the ruins, the next quest, called Ladies of the Wood, will open up for you. Keira will also accompany you during your next adventure. However, once you decide to come back, all her side quests will be available too.

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